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conference call on phone

Like choirs and other music groups up and down the country and indeed across the globe, this week Cirencester Male Voice Choir turned to Zoom for their weekly rehearsal.

In fact it turned out to be quite a night to remember. When we started our online session the Government advice was to keep 2m apart – the music team who were hosting the session did exactly that in a carefully defined space! However, by the time we finished at 8.30pm we read the news that the country was now effectively in lock down.

We are of course in unprecedented times and no one it seems can know or even predict with any certainty where we go from here. For the moment thank goodness for the internet. And nowadays the standard for ‘group get togethers’ is now the online platform ‘Zoom’.

Does it work?

In a nutshell, for choir rehearsals the answer is No. The idea of everyone singing together and being able to hear each other simply doesn’t work. Nevertheless we had a lot of fun at our first online meeting – mostly we were trying out the technology to see what, if anything, could be done.

Going forward we are looking into ways of conducting sectional rehearsals and maybe something similar to the Australian Couch Choir which gets people to record themselves singing to then be ‘dubbed together’. Let’s face it we all have plenty of time now to work out how this might be done.

Bringing People Together

Ultimately one of the main purposes of a choir is to bring people together, obviously to sing. However, there has always been a big social side to the choir. It was great to see 35 people joining in our first ever online zoom meeting. In fact this probably makes it our most attended rehearsal ever!

It may not have been the most useful rehearsal musically speaking, but I would say it was definitely one of the most entertaining and interactive sessions. Personally given the way things are right now, getting together virtually and having a bit of fun is exactly what we all need!