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Our thanks go to the organisers and host choirs of the Cornwall International Male Choral Festival for four days of enormous pleasure.

CMVC performed five concerts over four days and were privileged to be in the company of some wonderful British male voice choirs, as well as amazing choral groups from overseas.

These included stunning professionals like the Gesualdo Six, the joyful Icelandic group Raddbandafélag Reykjavíkur, and the ultimate winners of the Choral Festival competition – ffortissibros – a young choir from Germany all of whom had been at music school with each other and then together to give acclaimed and award-winning performances internationally.

CMVC at Killacourt, Newwquay, May 2022
On the clifftop at Killacourt, Newquay

We performed in the beautiful church of St Pol de Leon, first dedicated in 1259, in the village of Paul; at the All Saints Church in Falmouth, completed in 1887 for the vast sum of £6,100; enjoyed an extremely convivial morning of song at the Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm in Penhallow; on the bandstand at Princess Pavilion in Falmouth; and finally on a clifftop with magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Nothing summed up the great good spirit of the festival better than our final performance, at the Killacourt in Newquay, when we were joined by members of other choirs for the final song – American Trilogy.

CMVC at All Saints Church, Falmouth for the Cornwall International Male Choral Festival.
At All Saints Church, Falmouth

Honorary mention must go to the cockerel at the Cyder Farm who roosted beneath our feet and gave us throaty encouragement throughout.

More than 50 choirs took part in what is the largest male choral festival in the world, and we enjoyed every moment.

We would like to give special thanks to all of our wonderful supporters who sat, without complaint, through our repertoire five time in fours days and gave us great encouragement throughout; to our Music Director, James Willshire and Accompanist Louise Matley; and to Lisa and Pippa for sterling page-turning in blustery winds.