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Virtual Choir 1

Like everyone else, and indeed every other choir currently in the UK we are heading rapidly through the 5th week of lockdown.

Rehearsals on Zoom

As we discussed in a previous post we continue to ‘meet’ on Monday evenings via Zoom. However, like lots of choirs and musical groups are finding, this is not overly useful for rehearsing and singing together. However, we are coming up with different ways to keep the choir amused on a Monday night.

Even though singing isn’t that easy on zoom, it’s suprising how the Gents have adapted to this new format and actually some quite enjoy ‘singing along’ at home.

However, the trouble with the whole zoom rehearsal is there is no way we have found to actually hear the choir singing together. Therefore we decided it was time to up our game and try something different

Virtual Choir

Nowadays, social media is flooded with musicians, choirs and bands all coming up with new ways of ‘performing together’. And the most popular seems to be a virtual performance. The premise is simple everyone records their part at home and then all the different videos & sound files are stitched together to create a ‘virtual choir’. This concept was first introduced by Eric Whitacre a few years ago.

And so we decided we would have a go! With tracks prepared by our music team and with the assistance of our MD who also runs a choral recording company we put together our first ever virtual performance.

We would love to know what you think so please have a listen and like our video!