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There are more than 40,000 choirs in the UK.

More than 2.1 MILLION people singing.

Those were the most recent figures from the last a national survey on choir participation across the country – and that’s more people than participate in amateur football every week.

So questions are now being asked about the restrictions on indoor choir gatherings (currently limited to 6 people – although up to 30 can gather outside). And there is real frustration over the issue.

Do mental and physical benefits outweigh the risks?

As 10,000 chanting football supporters now being allowed to attend games (outside, yes, but still clustered fairly close together) there have been almost 25,000 signatures to a petition on Change.Org seeking a relaxation on rules governing choirs. It argues that the health benefits of singing outweigh risks in larger gatherings.

“Choirs, with all the necessary mitigations in place, should be allowed to go back to singing immediately in order to continue supporting the communities they are based in; especially important for those that rely on choirs for their well-being and to combat isolation. Equally, there should be no further limitations on their activities that are not in line with guidance for similar activities unless there is strong scientific evidence for the limitation.”

According to the study the majority of the choirs don’t ask potential member to audition (66%). The make-up is widespread. The largest groupings are made up of Community Choirs (36%), Choral Societies (18%), Chamber Choirs (15%), Church Choirs (11%), Female Voice Choirs (10%) and Male Voices Choirs (5%)

You can see the petition here.

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