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open rehearsal

Last Night saw our first open rehearsal of the year which was also billed as ‘Bring a Friend to Choir’ night. On the face of it, the evening was a great success and we welcomed several new members.

What is an open rehearsal?

The concept of a rehearsal open to new members is not new. Lots of choirs up and down the country and running so called open rehearsals to attract new members.

As well as opening the rehearsal to anyone we had also asked existing members to ‘bring a friend’. This policy turned out to work extremely well and at last night’s rehearsal we welcome half a dozen new Gents to our rehearsal.

The Rehearsal

At the start of the evening, and in order to give the new people a chance to sing without any pressure we did a few warmups. These included a couple of nursery rhymes and a popular exercise which involves counting to 8. You’d be surprised how difficult this can be sometimes!

Running an ‘open’ rehearsal can be a challenge for the music team. The idea is to make the evening as accessible as possible to the new members whilst also taking into account we don’t know anything about them. Certainly not in terms of their musical experience.

We therefore decided the best solution would be to learn a song which was new to everyone, existing members included. The song which was picked was ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ from the musical Les Miserables.

If you have seen any of our social media posts regarding this open rehearsal you may recall we were tempting people with the promise of Free Beer. As such we decided to only rehearse for an hour before retreating to the pub opposite.

After the warmups this gave us 45 minutes to learn a song – from scratch. Personally I thought it went rather well. OK so I admit it’s not performance ready but here is a short video taken at the end of the rehearsal last night. The most important thing is everyone said they had fun!

Cirencester MVC Open Rehearsal – I Dreamed A Dream Learnt from scratch in 45 minutes

Come and Join us

Whilst our open rehearsal was geared towards new members, we welcome men to join us at any time throughout the year. Just beware if we are near to a concert then you might be coming into a rehearsal where everyone around you seems to know all the songs. But we regularly refresh our repertoire and our music team are always hear to help and support new members find their place in the choir.

Cirencester MVC meet weekly in the Parish Church, Market Place, Cirencester starting at 19.30. You don’t need an appointment and there are no auditions. So why not come along and see what you think. You can be assured of a warm welcome and, if you join, we might even buy you a beer!