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Being part of a choir is about more than just singing. Choirs are social organisations too!

Picture the scene. It’s Monday night and you’ve had a busy day at work. Or maybe you’re retired and have been out on the golf course. Perhaps you had a nice quiet day at home pottering around in the shed or the garden.

Regardless, the day’s work is done. You’ve had some dinner and now a nice warm cup of tea is beckoning, or perhaps something stronger. You can put your feet up and relax In front of the TV.

Alternatively, you could go out!

What’s the incentive?

The thing is with staying at home on a Monday night is that you will most likely end up staring at the tv. And that means this coming Monday (27 Jan) you have the option of episode 6069 of East Enders or Victoria Coren trying to connect things with the help of some bearded professors of nonsense.

I’m not knocking television, although personally I know very little about it. But what I do know is that nowadays you don’t have to watch it in real time. So if Monday night TV is your thing, there are ways to watch it later.

So, the incentive then?

Cirencester Male Voice Choir meet for rehearsals every Monday at 7.30pm. These are real time rehearsals that can’t be recorded or caught up with another time. Most importantly being part of our choir is about having fun.

Yes, we take the singing seriously and we put on lots of concerts each year. The majority of our performances raise money for charity. But we also like socialising together – there’s often a chance to go to the pub after rehearsal and we give concerts locally and further afield.

By being part of our choir you will not only enjoy the health benefits of singing – of which there are many. But you will also meet new friends and have a great time each and every Monday.

Find out more

On Monday 27 January we are holding an open rehearsal at the Parish Church in Market Place, Cirencester. We start at 7.30pm. There are no auditions and no need to ‘pre-book’. Just come along to meet the choir and the music team. If you like it, and decide to join us as a choir member, we’ll buy you a beer in the pub afterwards. Yes, that’s right – free beer!