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Virtual Choir

Following the success of our first attempt at a Virtual Choir, we decided it was time to create another one. With no signs of choirs being allowed to sing together any time soon, we realised this may be something we are doing for quite some time to come.

The song this time was I Believe. There are a number of reasons for this: First it is a song the choir knows pretty well. Secondly it is quite a short song. Not only does this mean people are more likely to listen to the whole thing online, but also it makes it easier for the men to record!

The Recording

Nearly through 8 weeks of lockdown here in the UK, we are getting better at producing these videos. The principle is fairly straightforward. The music team record the audio song as a ‘virtual choir’ and then the men record their videos singing along to the virtual choir in headphones.

Once all the videos are received, our MD Jules, who runs 4 Part Music Ltd then puts together all the audio and video tracks to create our virtual recording.

Enhancing the video

Our first video of American Trilogy was well received. At the last count it had nearly 2000 views on You Tube which is fantastic. However, we wanted to try and do something slightly different this time around.

Firstly one of our Second Tenors, Stuart, recorded his video whilst walking around the garden and including items which matched the words to the song. Luana joined us to sing the descant and the music team decided to change roles. Jules played the piano and Anne-Marie added a cello line to the second verse.

We had great fun making this video and hope you all enjoy watching and listening to Cirencester MVC.