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What an amazing evening!

Huge thanks go out to those who joined us for our Open Rehearsal and in an
incredibly short time seemed to master the ancient New Zealand sea shanty, ‘The

Sea shanties are not a stable of the CMVC. This is the first time we have
taken on one, but you could almost smell the ocean and taste the salt air as
the choir and its welcome guests took on the roaring song:

‘There once was a ship that put to sea

The name of the ship was the Billy of Tea

The winds blew up, her bow dipped down

Blow, my bully boys, blow (Huh!)’

The song records the hard and bloody days when New Zealand fleets hunted for
whale and the men on the ships were paid in clothing, spirits and tobacco
instead of in money. The impact on the right whale population drove them to
near extinction. Happily New Zealand ceased whaling in 1964, but the song
remains a classic of its kind.

With beer and pizza on hand in our new rehearsal spot at Cirencester Rugby
Club (thank you so much Diane and your team for such generous help and service)
the evening was a great success and brought a genuine sense of community to the

The choir offers heartfelt thanks to the newcomers who joined us and we very
much hope to you again at our weekly rehearsals each Monday at 7.30pm.

New members are always welcome at the Cirencester Male Voice Choir.

For more detail you can email us at
Or see our contact page or call Mark on 07714 123147