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Crowd at music concert

Well this strays off the beaten path a little, but what is a choir if it can’t celebrate and perhaps learn from the vocal performances of others?

So as news comes from the United States that a choir of nurses won the ‘golden buzzer’ and went straight through the finals of America’s Got Talent, it prompts a look at some of the fun and fabulous performances on the British and American series of the shows.

Over the years Britain’s Got Talent and its American sibling have featured thousands of weird, wacky, ridiculous and outstanding performances.

In case the long-running series have passed you by, hopefuls across the UK are now auditioning for Series 15, the latest series in the US is up and running already, and there have been some amazing choral performances.

When the shows were over, some of the performers went back to their normal lives; others went on to perform internationally and begin extraordinary careers.

First up is a rendition of Calon Lan (can you believe that Simon Cowell had never heard it before ?) by a ‘Only Boys Aloud’, a choir from the Welsh Valleys, recorded back in 2012. They went on to perform at Buckingham Palace and now are made up of 14 choirs and 240 boy singers.

A labourer, a sales assistant at a petrol garage, a kitchen salesman, a guy who works in a Japanese restaurant, and an NHS worker who had been together for a month. How refreshing to see the panel’s expectations turned on their heads as they sing Stars from Les Miserables. Callabro won series 8, recorded chart-topping albums and have gone on to perform professionally worldwide.

Whisper it, but there are times when the CMVC has enough trouble clapping in time to the music while singing. The 100 Voices Of Gospel seem to have mastered the art.

And here is that happy choir of New York nurses leaning on each other.