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Choir performing at St John Baptist Church

What a fun day! CMVC were invited to perform at the Blessing of the Tower Statues in the Parish Church of St John Baptist on September 5th.

After three years of planning and preparation, bronze statues of St John the Baptist and the Virgin and Child were placed high up on north west and south west niches of the Tower. So high that Bishop Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester and the first female diocesan bishop in the Church of England had to be safety-chained and hoist high into the air on a ‘cherry picker’ for the blessing. The statues were designed by Rodney Munday and are cast in bronze.

CMVC singing at Church of St John Baptist
Photo: Gary Gleghorn


Why a new statue for the north-west niche? The original had vanished! It used to house a earlier statue of St John the Baptist was taken down in 1963, very blackened and in poor condition and was subsequently lost. How a it could have disappeared is a mystery that has gone unsolved for more than 50 years.

During a full day of events and services CMVC provided the musical background during the lunch break and it was so good to be performing in public again at last. Our very special thanks go to accompanist James Quinn who gave superb support.

At Tower Statues Blessing in Cirencester

Our quick change artist, bass John Lawrence was acting as Verger at the blessing, Town Trier for the day, hence the colourful uniform, and as a soloist leading us in My Lord What a Morning.

Not only was it fun to be singing to an audience once more, gain some really lovely compliments and a very generous donation from the Church, but we also managed to enthuse some potential new members who will be joining us at the open rehearsal at the Cirencester Rugby Club at 7.30pm on September 13th.

The choir is keen to recruit new members and welcomes anyone wishing to join us for an evening of song, beer and pizza. Previous experience with a choir is not needed, nor is the ability to read music.

Open Rehearsal Graphic

CMVC perform at the Blessing of the Tower Statues in the Parish Church of St John Baptist