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Looking forward to a busy year of concerts and events with our new accompanist Anne-Marie Humphries

At the beginning of January 2020, we welcomed our new accompanist Anne-Marie Humphries. Anne-Marie impressed everyone at her ‘audition’ for the role back in December and so we were delighted when she accepted the offer to become Cirencester Male Voice Choir’s new accompanist.

The importance of our accompanist

The accompanist for any choir is often an under rated position. Sometimes seen as second to the Musical Director. However, in Cirencester this is absolutely not the case. The accompanist is a key role in our music team and one we definitely cannot do without.

For a few months after Lorraine left us in September 2019, our MD Jules had to direct things from the piano. This worked to a reasonable extent in rehearsals and everyone was gathered around the piano. However, it wasn’t a viable option for concert performances. So much so that for our Christmas concert in December, Jules persuaded Lorraine to come back and play the piano for us one last time.

Having Anne-Marie join us is a real lift for the choir. She is never fazed by anything and is quite happy to sightread things on the spot when Jules suddenly changes his mind about what is being rehearsed next. This is absolutely the sort of person we need at the piano during our rehearsals and concerts.

A little about Anne-Marie

It is therefore with much excitement that we look forward to working with Anne-Marie going forward. She is currently Head of Music at Churchdown Academy and studied both cello and piano at the University of Sheffield under the direction of Yolanda Wrigley and Kathryn Harris.

We are all very impressed with her incredible skill at playing the piano. It’s also been noticed that attendance at rehearsals in January has gone up considerably compared to the end of last year!

Find out more

You can read all about Anne-Marie on our Music Team page. If you would like to hear her play the piano then why not come along to one of our forthcoming events. You can find out more by looking at our Concert Diary.