Hire Our Choir


Wedding LogoWe know that weddings are one of the most important days in a person’s life and that’s why we are there to make your special day memorable.

Our repertoire contains many suitable songs for such occasions, reflecting the themes of love and unity, in a range of styles from traditional to more modern well known songs. If enough time is available the choir can learn a new song specially for the occasion.

Having a choir can be a benefit not only as entertainment during the signing of the registers, but also to help with the congregational singing, making your guests feel more comfortable, especially where less well known choices are made.

For wedding bookings, please contact our Concert Secretary, or see our Wedding Booking form.


We are aware of how difficult a time bereavement can be and are there for you in a very difficult time. As a choir we are happy to provide suitable music choices for whenever you require in the funeral service and provide support for congregational hymns for when volume and support might be difficult.

All arrangements are usually made via funeral directors, although you are welcome to contact us directly.


We aim to do an average of 6 larger concerts each year for charitable causes. Concerts are usually arranged 12 months ahead. For general concert enquiries Contact Us, or have a look at our Concert Booking form.